first_lady_sisiter-brownRev, Mrs Millicent Brown
Millicent Brown is a unique woman, A Mother a Minister and a Helpmeet par excellence. In 2002 this extraordinary women took on her biggest challenge to date, when she accepted the appointment to become the 8thDirector of Women’s Ministries for the New Testament Church of God, England and Wales. For the previous 12 years to end of August 2014 Millicent served with grace, renewed vision the Ministry has flourished.

The vision and energy that Millicent brought to the role was a compliment to the vision that her husband, Bishop, Dr. Eric Brown, brought to leading the National Church. Together they instigated BIG MOVE an acronym that became the vision for the National Church for the 12 years that followed. God has blessed this ministry under their leadership and Millicent & derives immense satisfaction in seeing the lives of women transformed.

A gifted preacher, Millicent’s ministry is firmly rooted on the foundation of Prayer. She has a deep and passionate love for God and His people, and is confident that her close relationship with God through prayer is what sustains her ministry. Her passion for prayer is also what sustains her though all seasons of life, whilst enabling her to inspire women to be who they are called to be in God.
Millicent’s holds a BA (Hons.) degree in Sociology. However, she has never let her academic achievements become framed accolades but rather she practically outworks her achievements. As such she is the founder of SHAPE, a Women’s Ministries Project – run by the Women’s Ministry, which helps and supports disadvantaged women.

To her three sons, three daughters-in-Law, and eight grand-children, she is the quintessential mother; caring, confident and trustworthy, aspects which are not just reserved for her biological children but are available to the numerous others who simply call her Mum.

Millicent and Bishop Eric, have been walking together in ministry since 1973 when they moved to theological school in Germany. She states categorically that their love, friendship and respect for each other has been an important part of their sound, stable marriage over years.

She has worked with her husband during five separate pastorates in the London area, over a period of almost 40 years, 8 of those years when he served as National Director of Youth and Christian Education, and 12 years as his Director of women’s ministry. The work continues…