Dr. Eric Brown has been ministering with the New Testament Church of God for over 40 years, during which time he has successfully led five congregations and held various positions including National Director for Youth & Christian Education and member of the National Executive Council. In his last appointment, the church membership more than tripled during his 11-year pastorate. He concluded his third consecutive term as the Administrative Bishop for England & Wales at the end of August 2014. During this time, he also served as Regional Superintendent for the Church of God in England, Scotland, Ireland and Norway as well as being a member of the Church of God World Missions Board.
An internationally renowned motivational preacher and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Bishop Eric Brown has travelled in Europe, the Far and Middle East, Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean spreading the Gospel of Christ and His Church. The Big Move vision is the brainchild of Dr. Brown and is a programme, which drove the New Testament Church of God in England & Wales for the twelve years of his tenure as Administrative Bishop.
Dr. Brown has been highly recognised for his contribution to local community initiatives and involvement in the political arena. He embraces corporate enterprise through extending his pastoral care and spiritual guidance to a variety of corporations including the Citizens Organising Foundation, the Haringey Peace Alliance and the Black Christian Leaders Forum among other worthy causes. In November 2007 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity for his demonstration of sound theological knowledge.
Dr. Brown was further honoured in October 2013 when he was elected as the first Pentecostal President to serve alongside 5 other Presidents of Churches Together in England – an organisation which provides spiritual leadership to the national ecumenical movement that facilitates closer working together by the churches in England.
He has been married to Millicent over 40 years. She has stood shoulder to shoulder with him in all of his ministerial activities and he attributes much of his success to her prayerful and administrative support. They are proud parents to a family of committed Christians, sons, Leon, Wayne & Julien, daughters-in-law Patricia, Michelle & Rachel and grandchildren, Jude-Elliott, Ellis, Sienna, Mia-Gabrielle, Annellise-Louise, Reya- Nyomi and Josiah-David Brown.